AHCA/NCAL Social Media Update - Weeks of May 11th and 18th

Jackie Pappalardi and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality, Communication

Welcome to the AHCA/NCAL Social Media Update. AHCA is currently using this newsletter to activate our social media advocates to share our resources related to COVID-19. Because of the urgent public health nature of this disease, these are resources for all providers, not just AHCA/NCAL members, so we hope you can help us promote them in channels other than direct member communications.

For positive stories related to providers responding to COVID-19 and keeping patients and residents safe, please look for our new Provider Daily Special Edition, which goes out every Tuesday and Thursday.

If you have an interested colleague or a suggestion for what to share on social media, please have them send an email at socialmedia@ahca.org so they can join in.

Content To Share on Social Media

Testing Cost 

We are emphasizing the large cost of COVID-19 testing. At a time when many states are requiring universal testing of staff and residents, it’s important to ensure providers have sufficient funds.

Long term care providers are ready and willing to institute universal testing, but just one round nationally costs nearly half a billion dollars. Funding is crucial! https://www.mcknights.com/news/providers-worry-there-wont-be-enough-supplies-to-test-nursing-home-workers-twice-a-week/

Universal testing in nursing homes costs $440 million per round of testing. These providers need financial assistance to ensure seniors are safe. https://www.inquirer.com/health/coronavirus/coronavirus-vaccine-race-updates-wistar-innovio-jefferson-moderna-20200520.html

Each round of nursing home testing costs $440 million nationally, and multiple rounds are needed. Additional resources are crucial so these providers can test their staff and residents. https://floridapolitics.com/archives/334383-nursing-homes-plead-to-feds-for-covid-19-testing-funds

Nursing care providers want to keep seniors safe with regular testing, but the cost is immense. Extra funds are critical. These providers cannot shoulder the burden on their own. https://skillednursingnews.com/2020/05/price-tag-for-testing-all-nursing-home-residents-staff-for-covid-19-once-440-million/

"Even the CDC’s recent recommendation to test all nursing home staff weekly would cost more than $1 billion every month." These providers need sufficient funding for tests. https://www.fox7austin.com/news/testing-every-texas-nursing-home-resident-and-staff-for-covid-19-could-cost-29m-data-shows


National polls recently conducted on behalf of AHCA/NCAL suggest Americans overwhelmingly support rallying around long term care.

New polls are clear: voters overwhelmingly support rallying around long term care providers. Caregivers for seniors deserve funding and resources to fight #COVID19. https://www.ahcancal.org/News/news_releases/Pages/Survey-U-S--Voters-Strongly-Support-More-Funding-for-Nursing-Homes-and-Assisted-Living-Communities-in-Response-to-Coronavir.aspx

A new survey shows a majority of American voters say that nursing homes and assisted living communities need more money for supplies, staffing and testing to fight #COVID19. https://www.ahcancal.org/News/news_releases/Pages/Survey-U-S--Voters-Strongly-Support-More-Funding-for-Nursing-Homes-and-Assisted-Living-Communities-in-Response-to-Coronavir.aspx

Long term care providers have been sounding the alarm on the need for resources to fight #COVID19. #LTCHeroes need support to protect seniors from this deadly virus, and American voters agree. https://www.ahcancal.org/News/news_releases/Pages/Survey-U-S--Voters-Strongly-Support-More-Funding-for-Nursing-Homes-and-Assisted-Living-Communities-in-Response-to-Coronavir.aspx

Americans are deeply concerned about the impact of #COVID19 on long term care communities, and want the government to rally around vulnerable seniors and their caregivers. New polling here: https://www.ahcancal.org/News/news_releases/Pages/Survey-U-S--Voters-Strongly-Support-More-Funding-for-Nursing-Homes-and-Assisted-Living-Communities-in-Response-to-Coronavir.aspx

Congressman Burgess Efforts 

We want to thank Congressman Michael Burgess for his efforts to ensure CARES Act funds are prioritized for long term care providers.

Thank you to Congressman @michaelcburgess for asking long term care providers be prioritized as CARES Act funding is distributed. These buildings care for and are home to some of the most vulnerable. https://burgess.house.gov/uploadedfiles/2020-05-19_burgess_ltr_to_azar_re_nursing_homes_assisted_living_final.pdf

Lawmakers need to fight for seniors in long term care. Thank you to @michaelcburgess, to is asking senior care providers be prioritized as the government distributes CARES Act funding. https://burgess.house.gov/uploadedfiles/2020-05-19_burgess_ltr_to_azar_re_nursing_homes_assisted_living_final.pdf


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