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Scott Jackson CMP in Education

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Two Day Webinar Series-Untapped Innovation: Using Telehealth to Improve Resident Care starts with Part I on May 27, 2020.

The COVID-19 crisis ushered in a new era for telehealth and greatly accelerated the adoption of this technology. Many are now projecting that telehealth will remain a key mode of healthcare delivery after the pandemic is over. “I think the genie’s out of the bottle on this one,” CMS Administrator Seema Verma told the Wall Street Journal. What is the future for telehealth in the skilled nursing setting, and how can you use it to gain the edge over the competition? Join this innovative two-part series to explore these questions.

PART I: MAY 27, 2020     
Introduction to the use of telehealth in the long-term care setting

  • Understand the pre-COVID rules that apply in the nursing home setting and how the rules changed during the COVID era
  • Anticipate how the regulatory landscape may change again after the pandemic is over
  • Identify options for telehealth technology (hint: it’s less complicated than you may think!)
  • Learn how some nursing homes are using telehealth now to deliver care to their residents

PART II: JUNE 19, 2020         
Explore the answers and do a deeper dive

  • Understand how you can incorporate telehealth into your facility workflow to address common conditions and situations
  • Identify policies and procedures to guide telehealth workflow and streamline the delivery of care
  • Learn how to prepare for telehealth funding opportunities as they become available in the future
  • Hear about lessons learned and (finally!) get answers to your questions

During the pandemic, the healthcare system realized the potential of telehealth to reduce the spread of infection while delivering effective care. Join us to learn how to use this untapped innovation to improve resident care in your facility and gain the edge over the competition.

These interesting and informative webinars will be presented by Jane Bello Burke, Esq. of Hodgson Russ Attorneys, LLP. 

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