COVID-19 Staff Testing Kit Deliveries to SNF and Al Today

Jackie Pappalardi and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

NYSHFA/NYSCAL participated on a call today with staff from NYSDOH and the Governor’s Office. It was announced that Nursing Home and Assisted Living providers will be receiving COVID-19 testing kits for employees from DOH as early as today. This set of testing kits was based on the number of employees submitted via HERDS survey and should accommodate the testing required for this week.  The test supplies in the kits are for the collection of a Nasopharyngeal swab. 

Earlier today each provider should have received the name of a lab in your geographic region who has agreed to partner with you to process your employee’s lab specimens. A group of staff at DOH are working to procure and identify supplies for possible future delivery of test kits. No commitment was stated for future deliveries. 

The question of payment of the tests was addressed by NYS as still under discussion but recommendations shared included looking into the employee’s insurance and possibly under federal funding. NYS did state if other funding sources are not available, it is the responsibility of the facility to pay for testing.


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