NYSDOH - Please Review Immediately: Assistance for NHs and ACFs for Laboratory Molecular Testing Capacity Needed for Staff Testing

Jackie Pappalardi and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

NYSDOH released a Notification today in response to facility feedback on the recent survey concerning Executive Order (EO) #202.30 regarding staff testing and the concern about available laboratory capacity for SARS-CoV-2 molecular testing (diagnostic testing), New York State has reserved capacity at several laboratories to assure that laboratory services will not be a barrier to nursing home and adult care facilities compliance with the EO.

New York State has matched facilities with potential laboratory partners based on geographic and prior relationship considerations, which are outlined in the attached document. Please note that designated laboratories are merely identified to facilitate the testing needs. If you have already obtained sufficient lab testing capacity, please let us know as soon as possible. Facilities may continue to explore and utilize other laboratories at their own discretion and please inform us if you discontinue. Further, it is the responsibility of the nursing home or adult care facility to connect with the laboratory to discuss the specific needs of your facility and to make billing arrangements. Please use the contact information below.

Quest Diagnostics 
Amy Pisone

Boston Heart Diagnostics
Alex Abramov
Cell: +1-201-919-5115

Susan Faccone
Cell: 201-819-7191
Office: 800-229-5227 x7427

Dennis Tilman
office: 718.232.1515 x111
cell: 718.757.7117 

Mike Eller

Lab Corp
Alissa S. Farrier
Cell: 518-321-1932
Email: farriea@labcorp.com 

Should you have any questions, please contact nursinghometesting@health.ny.gov or the Nursing Home Assistance and Coordination Center at (518) 474-6512.


Jackie Pappalardi, RN, BSN
Executive Director
518-462-4800 x16

Nancy Leveille, RN, MS
Director, Special Projects and Educational Development
518-462-4800 x20