Launch of Updated & Expanded Version of AHCA’s Infection Preventionist Training (IPCO)

Nancy Knapp in Clinical & Quality

AHCA has released a new and expanded version of its popular Infection Preventionist Specialized Training (IPCO Version 2) that was first launched in 2017.  The program is available to members and non-members.  Phase III Requirements of Participation took effect November 28, 2019 and mandate that every nursing facility have a designated and specially trained Infection Preventionist who is running a comprehensive infection prevention and control program.  AHCA recommends that each skilled nursing facility train at least two Infection Preventionists through AHCA’s IPCO training program should one Infection Preventionist leave the facility.  The training is also highly recommended for assisted living communities because they care for a similar population and face similar infection risks.

IPCO Version 2 is designed to train Infection Preventionists and is approved for 25 ANCC contact hours.  The online course is also now approved for 22 NAB CEUs for Administrators.  AHCA/NCAL recognizes Administrators will not serve as designated Infection Preventionists, but we recommend that Administrators consider taking the course to gain a deeper understanding of infection prevention and control in the overall operation of a nursing facility as this is a high target area for survey and liability.

A quick reminder that while CDC/CMS did release a free infection prevention training course in March 2019, AHCA’s IPCO Version 2 training is far more comprehensive and includes updated information.  AHCA’s course also includes in-depth learning on topics such as water management, antibiotic stewardship and bonus content on key issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

About IPCO Version 2 

Here’s what’s new and changed in IPCO Version 2: 

  • Updated regulatory requirements
  • Increased from 23 to 25 ANCC contact hours for nurses
  • Approved for 22 NAB CEUs for administrators
  • Length of time allowed to complete the training increased from 9 months to 12 months
  • Added course content:
    • Multi-drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) and Enhanced Barrier Precautions (EBP)
    • Candida Auris
    • Water management programs
    • COVID-19 
  • Bonus Content – All persons who register for the course receive access to additional non-CE approved content. Topics include Interim COVID-19 Guidance, and courses on PPE and N-95 mask use.

The registration fee is $450 for AHCA/NCAL members and $650 for non-members.  There are no refunds and no transfers.  Payment and registration are made online at ahcancalED.  Discounted group purchase rates are available for groups of 25 or more.  Refer group purchasers to

A Note About Current IPCO Version 1 Enrollees Who Have Not Yet Completed the Course 

Those who are active enrollees in IPCO 1 but have not completed their coursework will be given access to all IPCO Version 2 modules and bonus trainings free of charge.  However, they will only receive the 23 ANCC nurse contact hours approved for IPCO Version 1.  All current IPCO Version 1 enrollees in progress of completing the course, will be notified of their ability to access IPCO Version 2 content.  

IPCO 1 Renewals & Deadline Extension 

IPCO requires three-year certificate renewals.  The first version of IPCO launched in June 2017.  Due to the COVID pandemic, AHCA is extending the expiration date of the specialized training certificate for IPCO by three months for all IPCO 1 certificate holders. So, the very first group of individuals who received an IPCO certificate in July 2017 will not need to renew their certificates until October 2020.  AHCA will be notifying all IPCO 1 certificate holders of the extension once the renewal exam is available.  

There are two options for renewal.  Option one is to register for and successfully complete the IPCO competency renewal exam. Option two is to register for and take the IPCO Version 2 course and pass the IPCO Version 2 exam.  AHCA will send additional information to state affiliates about the IPCO competency renewal exam in late May.


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