DOH DAL: Guidance for Resident and Family Communication in Adult Care Facilities and Nursing Homes

Lisa Volk and Jackie Pappalardi in Clinical & Quality

NYSHFA/NYSCAL is working with the Department of Health on further clarification of the memo issued regarding compliance with the Executive Order 202.18 requiring nursing homes and adult care facilities to report confirmed cases of COVID-19 to residents and families within 24 hours if any resident tests positive for COVID 19 and/or if a resident suffers a COVID-19 related death. Currently we are working on identifying existing mechanisms of communications in the facilities such as posting on websites and other acceptable approaches to ensure the best way to streamline this directive in order to address compliance.

The New York State Department of Health recognizes that COVID-19 has presented unique challenges and has created a need for adult care facilities and nursing homes to develop innovative ways to keep residents connected to their families and communities. See attached DAL.


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